About Us

Dr. Tamboli

Adie Tamboli M.D. specializes in the treatment of allergies involving nasal, sinus, ears, lungs, skin, drug and insect sting allergies. We have full diagnostic and therapeutic facilities available for skin tests, blood tests, lung function tests, drug allergy tests and immunity tests for recurrent infections. We prepare and administer allergy shots based on patient's allergy condition (immunotherapy). Dr. Tamboli treats patients of all ages.

Specializing In:


Nasal, Skin, Ear Allergies

Drug Allergies

Insect Sting Allergies

Recurrent Infections

Respiratory Tract and Skin

Immunodeficiency Disorders

Hay fever, Seasonal and year round allergies

Sepsis, Anaphylaxis

Hives, Eczema, and Angioedema

Sinus and Nasal Infections

Food Allergies